• Ulysses Scar

une iconographie représentant la scène d'Euryclée reconnaissant la cicatrice de son maître
Euryclée recognizing his master’s scar

My coming album “Ulysses Scar”

This album, which will be released soon, is inspired from the literary and poetic metaphor Of Ulysses Scar. In Homer’s Odyssey there is an important dialogue between Ulysses and his nurse, Eureklee. When he returned to Ithaka after decades, Ulysses decided that his wife would not first know his identity, but his blind old nurse, who was tenderly washing his legs, knew him when she touched a deep scar, a boar bit him when he was young: The tears of the old women pour down

“You are my dear son! You came back to your home! ” …

She knew her son sensually, without seeing him!

Just as the deep scars, sounds emerge from our memories intuitively and become a part of the musical composition.

I was obsessed by this inspiring image as I was composing this album.

You will be informed about this album very soon!