Groupe Diwanimi

Diwanimi combines constantly improvised and written music. This contradictory research is an intentional traveling between traditional melodies, contemporary compositions and jazz improvisation. This band mixes the “eastern maqam” with various sounds, in order to extend it outside its borders and to give the jazz a different flow. For Diwanimi musicians, this approach is an endless source of poetic images which offers a new musical geography. The common path taken by the musicians of Diwanimi can be resumed by the idea that “we do not cross the river twice”, and that “through the chaos, we may find the imaginary land. ” Diwanmi is a way to live the experience of freedom.

Diwanimi musicians are from Tunisia, Algeria, Bosnia, France, and they are the ideal embodiment of this cultural diversity that is today part of the revival of contemporary music. This combination of effects and backgrounds is a real creative asset for this project.

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