Dal’ouna ensemble

Ramzi Abu Radwan created the Dalouna Ensemble in the year 2000. Dal’ouna refers to the traditional Palestinian festive music, a music that sings and plays daily life in Palestine. Through music that transcends boundaries, the group expresses the hospitality and generosity of people who love to live, laugh and sing.

The themes of the songs of this collection extend from Egypt to Andalusia through traditional music from the Middle East. With the use of Baroque and classical influences, the group offers a mixture of oriental and western music.

Ramzi Abu Radwan and Dalouna’s band take us to their world, their music, their poetry, and their traditions.

It travels through the sounds of traditional Arabic instruments such as Bouzouq, Oud, the Arabic percussions, and the accordion.

It is also a story of borderless meeting and engagement and a message of hope. Through their music.

After releasing their first album in 2000, the group performed worldwide. The band also offers musical workshops. The band is composed of six artists, who are sometimes accompanied by guests:

Bouzouk and Alto: Ramzi Abu Radwan (Palestine)

Oud: Ziad Ben Youssef (France, Tunisia) Accordeon: Edwin Boger (Croatia, France) Percussions: Tariq Rantisi (Palestine, USA) Singing: Munther Al-Raei (Palestine).

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