• 2018
    Translation into Arabic of “Les Cheminants” written in French by the Tunisian poet Tarek Essaker.A multidisciplinary show intitled “Asselikoun” – under creation (Music, poetry reading, drawing)
  • 2017
    Music and stories for the “Lights Passer” show. Stories about the history of Oud
  • 2015
    Music written for the Show “Kalam- Palabre” An Anthology of African Poetry.
  • 2014
    Music co-written with Benoit Chantry for “Les Contes des Sages du Desert” of the Belgian poet Paul André.
  • 2014
    Music for the show “femmes et une nuit” text written and played by Faiza Kaddour and directed by Jean-Francois Toulouse.
  • 2010
    Invitation from the British director Tim Supple to compose music about the Arabian Nights play (adapted by Hanan El-Sheikh) in Paris and Cairo.
  • 2009
    Music for a poetic Anthology about “Exile”, directed by the filmmaker and storyteller Dragos Oudraogo.